Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas and feel so blessed. I wanted to post some pictures from our family Christmas.

It had been quite a while since we had gotten a picture of our three kids, so we had them pose.
Jason, Kristal & Jacob...

And this is our first picture with all seven of our Grandchildren. The boys really like the goofy pictures! (Oops, Kenyan escaped this picture - didn't realize he wasn't in this when I uploaded it!)
They are all seven in this picture!

Wess, Kristal, Alivia, Weston & Quinton

Carrie, Jason, Kenyan & Lainey
Jacob, Crystal, Wyatt and Abagail

This is our four favorite guys! Kenyan (3 yrs), Wyatt (4 yrs) Quinton (7 yrs) & Weston (4 yrs)

And here's just the "GRAND" kids!
Since I just put the boys ages on the last picture, I'll just give you the babies ages.
Lainey Pearl (5 weeks old), Abagail Faith (3 months), and Alivia Grace (6 months).

We are so thankful for a happy, healthy family!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random Pictures of Our Precious Grandchildren!

I have taken a lot of pictures of my "Grands" this past week - With a new baby around I just seem to have my camera with me at all times! So I decided to post some random pictures. They are not in any particular order -

This is our newest addition - Abagail Faith, beside a picture of her Mother (Crystal). Who do you think she might look like?
Abagail's room.

Kenyan came to spend the night with us tonight while Jason and Carrie attends his 10 year class reunion - Can you believe Jason has been out of High School 10 years!!!!! Papaw was mowing and Kenyan kept telling me he wanted to "ride the tractor". So.....after Papaw finished mowing, he let Kenyan drive around a while.

He thought he was sooooo big!!

He did not want to stop!!

Yesterday, Abagail came to Mamaw's house for the first time! Her sweet little cousin Alivia saw their car here and she wanted to come see Mamaw too!! Are they not the sweetest little things you ever saw!!! (Abagail, 5 days old, Alivia 7 weeks)

Notice in this picture - they were almost holding hands!
Wyatt really thought Alivia needed a toy!

Wyatt - trying to make the same kind of faces his little sister is making!

Wyatt and Abagail.


When Papaw took Abagail, Wyatt wanted to be included!!

Wyatt has really done well with his new little sister' arrival! He's a sweet little guy!


Quinton and Weston. They are such good boys!!

Quinton had come by to show Papaw his haircut - Papaw had been giving him a hard time about his long hair! (Wish I had a before picture) Quinton has grown up so much!! I can't believe he is 7 years old!!

We are anxiously awaiting our 7th Grandchild - our 3rd little Granddaughter - coming in December. They are all so special in their own little way!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Beautiful Abagail

On Saturday, August 22, we were at Quinton's 7th Birthday Party and Crystal wasn't feeling too great. After the party she decided she would call the doctor, who told her to go to the hospital. She did that and they confirmed what Crystal suspected - she was in labor!!

There were some complications - the cord was wrapped around Abagails neck and then her shoulder lodged and it was a difficult delivery. Crystal did a great job helping them every way she could to get Abagail here safely -- and we are so thankful for this beautiful, healthy baby girl!!!

Abagail Faith Waggoner was born at 1:49 a.m. early the next morning, August 23, 2009. She weighed 8 lbs. 10 ozs. and was 20 inches long. (The exact same weight and length as our little Alivia just 6 weeks ago)!

Here's some pictures to remember this wonderful day!!

Crystal, Jacob and Wyatt awaiting Abagail's arrival.

Wyatt went with Uncle Wess, Aunt Kristal, Uncle Jason, Aunt Carrie and all of his cousins to the Farmington Park to lay while we waited at the hospital. They had a great time playing on the playground, wading (and a little swimming) in the creek, playing ball and just enjoying the beautiful day!! So, when he got back to the hospital he was a little tired and just couldn't stay awake for the big event. Papaw fixed him a little bed in the lobby. Papaw, Aunt Kristal and Alivia patiently waited with Wyatt in the lobby!!

And then she was here!
And she is beautiful!!

Nanny and Abagail (Crystal's Mom)

Two proud Grandma's!!

Papaw and Abagail.

Aunt Kristal and Abagail.

Jacob tried to wake Wyatt up, but he just couldn't keep those eyes open! It was so cute!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Special Visitors

Although Alivia is just a few weeks old, she has had some very special visitors!

Aunt Angie (Abbott) (my Dad's sister) and her daughter Debbie and husband Jack came to see Granny and got to see Alivia when she was just 4 days old!

Aunt Angie is very special to us and it was sooooo good to get to spend some time with her!! And we spent quite a bit of time with Debbie when we were younger and was so glad to see her again! We also enjoyed getting aquainted with Jack!! I don't know how I missed getting a picture of Debbie and Jack!

Aunt Angie and Alivia.... (I think Crystal is trying to avoid the picture - but it didn't work!)

Aunt Angie, Wyatt and Alivia. Wyatt is really into this "baby" thing - He knows he is getting a baby sister in a few weeks and he is really getting anxious!!

Uncle Jacob, Wyatt and Alivia.

Aunt Jana giving Kenyan and Wyatt some attention.

Papa telling Alivia how pretty she is!

Then Gary and Cassie Davenport came this morning and spent some time with us! They are very special friends and we love being with them!!
Gary, Cassie and Alivia....

Kristal and Alivia...

Cassie and Alivia...

Gary, Jana, Alivia and Bill..

Granny and Alivia...
We really appreciated and enjoyed our visitors!!!